Welcome to the Bueno Hair Club!

You, too, can gain exclusive access to a club more talented than the Freemasons, more secretive than The Knights Templar & with better hair than the Illuminati- Viva The Bueno Hair Club!

Here at Pete & Pedro, we know time is dinero. You are a busy dude with a lot on your plate. Between school, work, family time, honey-do lists (shout out to the married dudes in the house), carting the kids to little league in the mini-van, working out, climbing the social and professional ladder, and lastly, but should be first, maintaining bueno hair!

Good news! Pete & Pedro are going to take one thing off your overflowing plate: reordering hair product when you run out. We don’t want you to be the dude with lame, product-less hair who didn’t time his re-order correctly, and subsequently has to leave the house with hair that sucks.

How to Join

Six simple steps standing between you and consistent bueno hair:

Step 1: Pick your plan

Step 2: Pick your product

Step 3: Get P&P shipped to you

Step 4: Maintain Bueno Hair!

Step 5: Thank Pedro (encouraged)

Step 6: Cancel Any Time (discouraged)

** You may be deemed ineligible for membership if any of the following apply: you’ve hurt a kitten, loosened the bolts of an old lady’s wheel chair, tucked your junk between your legs and pretended you were the queen, or you ever beat me up in school (even if I deserved it).

To cancel your Bueno Hair Club membership: Log in to your PayPal account –> go to your Profile –> click My Money. Update your agreement in the My Preapproved Payments section.

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Step 1: Pick Your Plan


Four Week Plan

Six Week Plan

Eight Week Plan