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Q. When is Putty back in stock
A. We get new stock from the USA very two weeks, around the 14th and 28th of each month.

Q. What is your highest hold product
A. Putty

Q. Do you ship to Outside of the UK?
A. Yes, all over Europe

Q. What product should I buy?
A. Send us a photo of your hair and description how you want to style and shine or no shine, hold… to

Q. How long does it take to arrive?
A. If you live in the UK 1 to 3 days – international orders can vary depending on location and your local postal service we assume 5 to 7 working days.

Q. My package hasn’t arrived, what to do?
A. Unless you have requested tracked (UK) or tracked and signed for (Europe) at checkout we can’t give you an exact time for arrival, if you have had a bad experience with post not arriving then we always suggest the tracked option.

Q. I opted for 1st or 2nd class signed for and haven’t received my package?
A.1 We have experienced it where we have shipped out a parcel Royal mail 1st class signed for which has been delivered and the customer claimed that it wasn’t their
signature. In this instance we will send you the Receipt confirming date of shipment, along with a reference number for the parcel, you can then go to the post office and ask if it has been taken there or request a claim form which you will need to fill in and send to the Royal mail where you will able to put your claim forward to receive a refund.

A.2 When an item can be delivered due incomplete address (please ensure its exactly correct guys) or you were out (Royal mail left card) and haven’t been to the
post office to pick up then they are sent back to us. Once we get it back we will issue you with a refund for the cost of the Product. At this point you can re order should you so wish.

Q. I have tried the product and don’t like it, can I change it?
A. If the product has been used or signs of use then we can’t provide you with any form of refund.

Q. I love your products where can I leave a review?
A. Awesome we love feedback, please create an account via our website and post there or follow us on Facebook and give us a shout out

Q. Dose your products contain Parabens?
A. Paraben Free – Hair Healthy Antioxidants – Shaft Fortifying Vitamins – Essential Oils (will not cause weight gain).

Q. Do you support child labour?
Made in the USA and UK (No sweat shops here my friend!)

Q. Are you environmentally friendly?
A. All P&P Tubs are made from 100% recycled plastics.

Q. Do you carry out animal testing?
A.Generally No Animal Testing (Look, we try to avoid it the best we can, but sometimes animals can’t resist getting their grubby little paws on P&P to give a little life to their fur. We need your help to prevent this. Keep your P&P out of the sight and reach of your pets, and make sure the lid is securely screwed on. If secured properly, they are tough little buggers to open without thumbs.) All joking aside, we, here at P&P, like animals more than humans, and for this reason there is NO ANIMAL TESTING! We test it out on little kids.